What is a hang tag on a purse?

1. What’s the meaning of the hang tag? The hang tag, which is also called nameplate . After the product is put on the market, it is fixed on the product to provide users with information such as manufacturer’s trademark identification, brand differentiation, product parameters and other information. The material of the name plate have metal and non-metal. 2.What’s the advantage for use hang tag on a purse? You can imagine, if you put on a beautiful purse on the market without the hang tag. Then one people see it and like it very much. So she buy it and go home. When his friend look it and want to buy one, too. But there is no information about the business, or don’t know what brand it is. Then, this customer is very likely to be lost. So, if use a name plate on a purse, it can better promote our products. Let more people know about our brand. This is also the brand effect we usually say. We are a professional metal name plates OEM factory from China. Our metal nameplates can

Where tag is used? - Series 1

Do you know the tag can be used in where? As our daily level improves, metal signage is playing a bigger role. Today, I introduce three usage scenarios. Scene 1 : The metal tag can be used for Men and Women Toilet Sign. It is suitable for Hotel, Public Area, etc. As the picture showed: toilet sign | bathroom tag | metal sign - Yiyang Company Scene 2 : The metal tag can be used for Mechanical Equipment Description. As the picture showed: metal stamped equipment aluminum signage customization Scene 3 : The metal tag can be used for Bag. As the picture showed: metal nickel stickers|nickel alloy sticker|nickel electroforming sticker -Yiyang If you have more questions about the metal tag, please contact Yiyang Metal Products Co., Ltd.

What color can I customize for the metal nickel label?

 When customizing the metal nickel standard, customers often ask us:  1. What color metal nickel label can I customize?  2. Can the color matching metal nickel label be customized?  3. Can I customize the colors I designed myself?  I believe that there are still a lot of questions about color. Here are some answers to some questions. Customer: What color of the metal nickel label can I customize? Yiyang Company: We have a regular nickel standard color card for customers to choose from. As shown below: Customer: Can I customize the colors mix of metal nickel standard? Yiyang Company: Yes. We support custom colors mix about metal nickel. colors mix nickel sign | metal stickers | mountain bike stickers -Yiyang Company Customer: Can I customize the colors I designed myself? Yiyang Company: Yes. We support custom metal nickel labels for custom colors. metal stickers for phones | permanent labels | transfer sticker paper -Yiyang If you have more questions

What type of adhesive is customized for the metal label? Which one should I choose?

As people's social level continues to improve, we are more concerned about the brand promotion of products. It is necessary to say that the best brand promotion in today's society is the electroforming nickel standard. Electroformed nickel standard is a new metal embossed paste electroforming label, also known as metal split self-adhesive label, metal patch, electroformed patch, electroformed trademark, electric logo, three-dimensional embossed label, metal mobile word label , nickel berth, metal logo labeling, etc. This product is a relatively popular and popular signage, and it is currently the best-selling decoration on the market. Using this product can improve your product quality. The metal split self-adhesive label is mainly made of pure nickel, adhesive (hot melt adhesive, 3M adhesive, etc.). Thickness: about 0.04-0.12mm conventional thickness = 0.07mm Main colors: gold, silver, gun color, rose, etc. Surface effects include: glossy, matte, brushed, mesh, solid, 3

Zinc Alloy Chinese Knot Pendants- The important metal decorative products in our daily lives

The decorative products have always been an important product in our daily lives.  In many cases, there are many high quality decorative product in many places. We can see the effect of the decorative product in many place. The impact on our lives is still very big! Among the current decorative products, our zinc alloy products can be said to be very popular now, and everyone likes them very much. We have variety kinds of the zinc alloy decorative products such as zinc alloy keychain , zinc alloy Chinese Knot and so on.  Zinc Alloy Chinese Knot For Sales Gift Our zinc alloy products have different uses in many places. In the company, zinc alloy Chinese knot pendants can be printed on their own company logo as a gift to customers; At home, zinc alloy Chinese knot pendant can make our home decoration more warm; At the wedding, zinc alloy Chinese knot pendants can be used as wedding souvenirs to express the blessings of new people to their loved ones and friends. Therefore, o

Why metal keychains are so popular?

The metal keychain is exquisite and compact, and its shape is ever-changing. It is a daily necessities that people carry with them every day. Choosing the key with your favorite keychain  not only reflects your personal mood and personality, but also shows your taste and brings you a happy mood. : Zinc Alloy Metal 3D Patina Travel Commemorative Keychain The society is developing at a rapid pace, the times are constantly improving, and people's ideas are changing with the times. Therefore , a concept called "creative" has been derived . Everyone has curiosity, especially young people, who like to challenge and like to accept new things. Creativity can make life more colorful; creativity can make things show things other than themselves; creativity makes the world more vivid. It is with creativity that people can appreciate more beautiful things. Media support is decisive for supporting sales promotion activities.The promotion information of the car keychain  p

Metal Creative Bookmarks

Metal bookmarks now cover the whole world, opening the door to a culture,   elegant and exquisite,   and showing the   petty bourgeoisie.   It is an elegant and sophisticated reading tool, and a small foil completely enhances our reading experience.   It is not just a bookmark used to mark the page number. It was created to accurately preserve the memory between the lines in the word, and the user only needs to remember the three steps:   1.   Discover important paragraphs, fine bookmarks and precise marks;   2.   Quickly And accurately return to the page and the line when closing the book;   3.   Protect the beloved book while enjoying the fun of reading. In the traditional sense, metal bookmarks use   brass   , stainless steel as the metal material to adopt a new leading technology, with design, drawing, corrosion, electroplating, packaging and other flow-through procedures   ,   and strict quality inspection, is to produce a variety of high-quality products. Guarantee.   A high